Open call for
Aavistus Festival 2022

The open call was accepting submissions from 15 February to 31 March 2022. Thank you to everyone who submitted!

Notes from the jury
Our jury members Amanda McDonald Crowley & Jonni Korhonen write:

We feel honoured to have been invited to take part in the selection process for Aavistus Festival. The jury would like to thank all participants entering the open call.


The selection was a demanding process for the jury, as the quality of proposals was high with a variety in content and the use of techniques. The invitation was open, purposefully, to encourage a multitude of approaches towards the mediums and thematics central to the festival. The jury was excited about the critical thinking and the plurality present in the proposals. After a long and vivid discussion the jury came to conclusion with the selection for the four categories1 comprising the festival programming, wishing to invite an expansive selection of strong and mature artworks showcasing the multitude of different approaches to explorations in audiovisual mediums and art-making.


We seeked to prioritise proposals with heavy emphasis on in-body and in-space activation, to stagecraft, to live experiences. To performances inviting us as the participators to come together with the artists to gather, to witness and co-create a live setting, a space for celebration. The proposals invited are joyful interventions, invitations to play, to experience, to join together through performative gestures, visual and auditory impulses, and imagination.


Aavistus Festival is an international biennial of audiovisual art and VJ culture that will be held for the second time on 6.-9. October 2022. The festival is looking for VJ performances, audiovisual live performances, media artworks, installations and workshops to be presented at Valkoinen Sali, WHS Teatteri Union and Helsinki City Museum in Helsinki, Finland.


The jury for Aavistus Festival 2022 consists of  cultural worker, curator, educator Amanda McDonald Crowley,  curator Jonni Korhonen and the board of Aavistus Festival ry.

Amanda McDonald Crowley makes curatorial platforms that include exhibitions, public art programs, performances, residencies, and other opportunities that bring artists together with their audiences to actively engage in issues and concerns of our times; and is a partner on the Nature As Magic initiative with Pixelache, Elektron, and Aavistus. Amanda will be working with the Swale project on Governors Island in NYC to curate the international component of our collaboration. She will be especially interested to review work that addresses issues of climate change, sustainable economies, and interspecies collaboration as they relate to our Nature As Magic thematic.

Jonni Korhonen (they/them) is a curator and writer based in Helsinki. Researching into collective curatorial and artistic practices, they are working to develop a praxis dedicated to radical care and labour solidarity. In their writing they are exploring how stories come to be stories, how bodies become bodies, and how histories come to be futures.





1. You may only submit one entry per each category, meaning maximum 5 entries in total. 

2. No entry fee is required.

3. The festival commits to paying all selected artists an artist fee. Taxes and other deductions apply. Aavistus Festival ry does not commit to covering travel costs or accommodation for artists.



The VJ performance is a 30-60 minute plug-and-play gig at Valkoinen Sali on Saturday 8. October 2022. You are expected to bring your own tools for performing, e.g. computer, controller and adapters. The festival provides the video projector(s). Music will be played by a DJ or musician curated by the festival according to your preferences. To perform at Valkoinen Sali you have to be 18 or older. The festival crew includes professional sound, video and light technicians.



The audiovisual live performance will last for 30-60 minutes. You or your group will perform both music and visuals in real time on stage at WHS Teatteri Union between 6.-8. October 2022. You will have about 20 minutes for setup and a sound/video check earlier in the day. You are expected to bring your own tools for performing, e.g. computer(s), instruments. The venue provides the video projector and the PA. The festival crew includes professional sound, video and light technicians.



You can submit video or media artworks or audiovisual installations for the exhibition at Helsinki City Museum's 4th floor on 7.-9. October 2022. You will take care of all materials, transport, setting up and taking down as well as installing techniques. The times for setup are 4.-5. October and takedown on 9.-10. October. Aavistus Festival team and volunteers are there to help with installing and take down, but will not be able to do everything for you. 



The projection mapping work will be created beforehand based on architectural drawings of the Helsinki City Museum facade. You will have a few hours to set up your work on 5.-6. October, after which it should run independently for the duration of 7.-9. October. The festival will provide the video projector(s). The work may include audio.



Aavistus Festival is looking for an entry-level workshop on VJ culture and AV art that is open for all, and a more advanced workshop for VJs and artists with more experience. Aavistus Festival prefers workshops to be free or affordable for participants. The workshop manager will take care of practical arrangements. The workshop can be held online or at Helsinki City Museum's spaces.