Aavistus is a biennial of audiovisual art and VJ culture, organised by local VJs. It presents audiovisual live performances, VJ performances, projection mapping works, an exhibition of audiovisual art and more. 

6.–9. October 2022
WHS Teatteri Union, Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki City Museum, Gallery Unika, Kunsthaus Jägermeister & Allas Sea Pool.
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Aavistus Festival 2022!

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Opening event

WHS Teatteri Union, Thursday 6.10.2022 18:00–22:00
Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki
Tickets 12€, sold also from the door if any left (no cash)

Audiovisual live performances:
18.15 Mikk-Mait Kivi, Emer Värk (EE): Year Without A Summer meets Tactile Distortion 
20.00 Post Human Dance AV: Glacies Era
21.00 Pink Twins

The performances include flashing lights and loud sounds. The performance Year Without a Summer meets Tactile Distortion uses material that may be disruptive and requires parental advisory for those under 18 years of age.

Nordic Lights

WHS Teatteri Union, Friday 7.10.2022, 18:00–22:00
Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki
Tickets 12€, Sold out


Audiovisual live performances:

18.30 Maria-Carmela Raso (CA/IS) & 林淼 Sui (HK/UK/SE): 順風 á ferðalaginu

19.45 Julius Norrbom (SE) & Liis Ring (SE/EE): Ukkonen

21.00 Ari Dykier (PL): Imaginarium.​​

​The performances include flashing lights and loud sounds.

Aavistus Club of AV art & VJ culture

Valkoinen Sali, Saturday 8.10.2022, 21:30–04:00
Aleksanterinkatu 16-18, 00170 Helsinki 
Tickets 15€ + security fee at the venue
Tickets sold also from the door
22:10 The Exquisite Machine – Co-created visual story made by the participants in the machine learning workshop


VJ performances:

22:30 Monika Hauck (FI)

23:00 OSASTO (FI)

23:30 Aalavaan (FI) 

00:00 HORA (SK)

00:30 RÖD MJÖLK (FI)  

01:00 Pasuth Sa-ingthong (TH)

01:30 Amused (SE)

02:00 Emer Värk (EE)

02:30 Katia Vonna Beltran (FR)

03:00 Juan Qin (CN/NO)  

03.30 NENO (ES) 



21.30 Mary Young

23.00 hundredmillionthousand (CA, live)

00.00 Samuli Kemppi

01:30 Renzo van Steenbergen (EE)

02:30 Emma Valtonen

Projection mapping 20.00-04.00 (free to view)

​The performances include flashing lights and loud sounds.

Closing event

WHS Teatteri Union, Sunday 9.10.2022, 17.00-21.30
Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki
Tickets 12€, sold also from the door if any left (no cash)

Audiovisual live performances and screenings:

17.30 Videosyntezy – selection of video synthesis works, curated by Intermediale Festival (PL)

17.50 +aave+ (EE): "it’s so sad and dark in here"

19.00 quietSpeaker: remote/displaced
20.00 Echoes of Underground – cinema concert of early Finnish experimental film, curated by Claes Olsson. Live improvised music by Esa Kotilainen and Hasse Walli.

​The performances include flashing lights and loud sounds.

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​Kunsthaus Jägermeister
6.–7.10. at 17.00-21.00
8.-9.10. at 15.00-19.00
Siltasaarenkatu 10, 00530 Helsinki, free entrance
Arrive from Siltasaari 10 door, next to Lopez y Lopez

Renzo van Steenbergen, Kristjan Pütsep (EE): Portal

The artwork is not recommended for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Please do not touch the artworks.

Gallery Unika
Thu 6.10. at 17:00–21:00
Fri 7.10. at 17:00–21:00
Sat 8.10. at 12:00-17:00
Sun 9.10. at 16:00–20:00
Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki, free entrance

Shreyasi Kar & Sannimari Honkanen: Hello! Long time no ocean

Ville Walo: Mechanical Circus – Aavistus elävistä kuvista / Anticipating moving pictures

Allas Sea Pool
6.–9.10. daily from 19:30 to 22:00 on the facade of the building.
Katajanokanlaituri 2a, 00160 Helsinki. Visible from the market Square, tickets to Allas Sea Pool are normal price.

Nautilus Crew (Maria Candia, Suvi Parrilla, Aliisa Koivisto): Age of the Tentacle
Helsinki City Museum
7.10.2022 at 11.00–19.00
8.10.2022 at 11.00–00.00
9.10.2022 at 11.00–17.00
Aleksanterinkatu 16, 00170 Helsinki, free entrance all night

Arvid van der Rijt (FI/NL) (live performances: 7.10. 18.00 between 19.00, 8.10. 17.00 between 18.00 and 9.10. between 16.00 and 17.00)

Hannu Karjalainen

Łukasz Horbów (PL)

Sini Henttu, Nori Kin ja Reetta Nummi

Stump of Prometheus

Tomas De Rita aka #feedbackbackback



The Exquisite Machine – Co-creating visual stories through machine-dreaming
Jonas Johansson
Online & Helsinki City Museum (Aleksanterinkatu 16), 26.9.–6.10.2022
Participation fee 15–30€, registration ended on 15.9.
The workshop is in English.

The workshop by Jonas Johansson gives the participants a thorough introduction to the field of AI and Machine Learning including multiple tools and methods. The participants will use machine learning to create and upscale text, images and video and will create a collaborative video piece to be presented at the festival.

Accidental response – Abstract animation with a 16 mm projector
Antti Polojärvi and Tuomas Ahva
Helsinki City Museum's Kasari (Aleksanterinkatu 16), 8.10.2022 at 12:00–14:00.
Free entrance. The workshop is held in both Finnish and English. Children are welcome.


Antti Polojärvi creates abstract animations using old 16 mm projectors and transparent filmstrip. In the workshop, the techniques used to make animations are presented, and at the end, the participants get to create their own animation, which is recorded on video.

Drop-in workshop: Introduction to video art
Mark Buitenwerf (NL)
Helsinki City Museum's Kasari (Aleksanterinkatu 16) on Saturday 8.10.2022 at 15.00-18.00
Free entrance. The workshop is in English.

The motto of this workshop is "everybody can do video art". During this workshop we'll dive into different methods of creating generative video using Resolume software. No prior experience is required, you will only need your laptop and an open mind. Licenses for Resolume will be provided during the workshop.

The workshop is hosted by Mark Buitenwerf. Mark is a Dutch media-artist based in Groningen who fell in love with creative technology and new media while studying music at the Academy for Popular Culture in Leeuwarden. After finishing his master degree in New Media Art at the Frank Mohr Institute, he traveled from festival to festival creating interactive installations for kids and adults alike. Currently Mark is working at Resolume VJ Software in The Hague (NL) where he combines his passion for teaching with his interest in video art and VJ'ing.

What to bring: your laptop (mac or pc) with the latest version of Resolume Arena installed (resolume.com/download). An extension cord.

Resolume VJ Software: Introduction
Random Doctors
Helsinki City Museum lobby (Aleksanterinkatu 16), 8.10.2022 at 16:00–17:30
Free entrance. The workshop is held in English.

Short introduction to the basics of the VJ software Resolume and discussions about VJ-culture. Licenses for Resolume Arena 7 will be provided at the start of the workshop and are valid until 15.10.2022.

What to bring: your laptop (mac or pc) with the latest version of Resolume Arena installed (resolume.com/download). An extension cord.

Resolume Wire Introduction
Resolume VJ Software
Helsinki City Museum's Falkman Wing (Aleksanterinkatu 16) on Sunday 9.10.2022 at 13.00-15.00
Free entrance. The workshop is in English.

Wire is a modular node-based patching environment to create effects, mixers and video generators for Resolume Arena & Avenue. This workshop is aimed at VJ's who want to tip their toes into creating their own effects and generators. No coding experience is required, Wire is a friendly patching environment that is easy to learn.

At the end of the workshop you'll go home with a new generator or effect that you made to be used in your next show.

Resolume Arena/Avenue experience is not essential but recommended. 

Licenses for Resolume Arena and Resolume will be provided at the start of the workshop and are valid until month after the workshop.


What to bring: Your laptop (mac or pc) with the latest version of Resolume Arena installed (resolume.com/download). An extension cord. A projector (optional).

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Aavistus talks

​Underground funding and Nordic culture
Moderated by Jonas Johansson
Helsinki City Museum's lobby (Aleksanterinkatu 16), Friday 7.10.2022 at 14:00–16:00
Free entrance. The talk is held in English.


A panel talk on on underground funding and Nordic culture with Ava Grayson (Nordic Lights artist), Merle Karp (Aavistus co-founder), Jonas Johansson (NAVA) and Geir Lindahl (Nordic Culture Point).

VJ-tietotekniikan perusteet
Olli Niemi-Pynttäri
Helsinki City Museum lobby (Aleksanterinkatu 16), Saturday 8.10.2022 at 14.00-15.30
Free entrance. The lecture is held in Finnish.


Luennolla käydään läpi VJ-harrastuksen tietotekniikkapuolta siihen tarvittavien laitteiden ja ohjelmien näkökulmasta. Lisäksi esitellään muutamia sisällöntuotannon tapoja, sekä huomioita keikkailusta ja visuaalien äänireaktiivisuudesta.

Artist talk: Crossing Borders of Immersive Arts
Moderated by Suvi Parrilla
Helsinki City Museum lobby (Aleksanterinkatu 16), Saturday 8.10.2022 at 18.00-19.30
Free entrance. The talk is in English.


Suvi Parrilla invites the Aavistus Festival artists to talk about how they interpret immersive art. Artists participating in the talk: AMUSED (SE), Arvid van der Rijt (FI/NL), Emer Värk (EE), Katia Vonna Beltran (FR), Pink Twins (FI) and Sannimari Honkanen (FI).

Läpivetoja – Running through our VJ careers
Moderated by Andrew Gryf Paterson
Helsinki City Museum's lobby (Aleksanterinkatu 16), Sunday 9.10.2022 at 15:00–16:00
Free entrance. The talk is held in English.

A panel talk on the development of visual and professional practice from the early 2000s to now. Featuring three VJs who have things to show and tell of their journey. This event is part of the Nature as Magic collaboration between Pixelache Helsinki, who celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2022, Aavistus Festival and Elektron platform (Tallinn). Hosted by Andrew Gryf Paterson, artist-organiser, archivalist & independent researcher, who has been active with Pixelache since 2004.


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WHS Teatteri Union

Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki

AV live performances:
Opening event on 6.10.2022 at 18.00
Nordic Lights on 7.10.2022 at 18.00
Closing event on 9.10.2022 at 17.00



There is one step outside the front door, which can be crossed using a loose ramp. We will put the ramp in place if necessary. There is a 4.5 cm threshold on the inside of the front door. There is a small loose ramp to the threshold.

Interiors and access

There is barrier-free access to the theater hall and bar counter as well as an accessible toilet. There are threshold ramps when going to the counter and at the theater hall door. There is usually one wheelchair space in the theater hall, which is located in the back row. If necessary, more wheelchair spaces can be arranged in the back row. There is no induction loop in the hall or counter. You can send a message in advance to the ticket office at liput@teatteriunion.fi about arriving with an aid or needing an assistant ticket.

Valkoinen Sali

Aleksanterinkatu 16-18, 00170 Helsinki 

VJ & DJ performances:
Aavistus Club of AV art & VJ culture on Saturday, 8.10.2022 at 22.00


All areas accessible with a wheelchair. 

Helsinki City Museum

Aleksanterinkatu 16, 00170 Helsinki 

Exhibition of audiovisual and media art on the 4th floor on Friday 7.10. at 11.00–19.00, on Saturday 8.10. at 11.00–00.00 and on Sunday 9.10.2022 at 11.00–17.00.

Workshops and talks in the lobby and Falkman's wing from 6.–9.10.2022 at various times (see programme).

Free entrance the whole time, also at night on Saturday.

Kunsthaus Jägermeister

Siltasaarenkatu 10, 00530 Helsinki 

Exhibition of audiovisual and media art from 6.–9.10.2022 daily from 15.00-19.00.

Free entrance.

Gallery Unika

Siltavuorenranta 18, 00170 Helsinki

Exhibition of audiovisual and media art on Thu 6.10. at 17:00–21:00, Fri 7.10. at 17:00–21:30 & Sun 9.10. at 16:00–20:00.

Free entrance.

Allas Sea Pool

Katajanokanlaituri 2a, 00160 Helsinki

Exhibition of audiovisual and media art on the facade from 6.–9.10.2022 daily from 19:30 to 22:00.

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In the media

Elokuvaohjaaja Claes Olsson loi nuorena visuaalista ”hippifiilistä” Hair-musikaaliin ja oli tietämättään suomalaisen VJ-kulttuurin edelläkävijä: Nyt videoammattilaisia kysytään kaikkialle, isollakin rahalla

"Tänä viikonloppuna järjestettävä Aavistus-festivaali kiinnittää huomion VJ:n työhön, joka ei ole vain musiikin kuvittamista. VJ:n tekemä taide on usein sekä eskapistista että poliittista."


VJ-kulttuuri sai ensimmäisen kotimaisen festivaalinsa: Ideoita visuaaliseen ilmaisuun haetaan vaikkapa Leonardo da Vinciltä

"Helsingissä järjestetty Aavistus Festival tarjosi katsauksen audiovisuaaliseen kulttuuriin."

”Laadukas ja koskettava videotaide ansaitsee näkyvämmän paikan kotimaisen kulttuurin kentällä” – Suomen ainoa vj-kulttuuriin keskittyvä festivaali alkaa tänään


VJ-kulturen växer när Aavistus Festival ordnas för andra gången

"Om man brukar klubba på ställen som Kaiku eller Ääniwalli i Helsingfors är sannolikheten rätt stor att man också tagit del av VJ-kultur. Den audiovisuella konsten är fortfarande underground, men växer med satsningar som Aavistus Festival."

Aavistus is possible thanks to