2.-4. OCTOBER 2020


A warm thank you for everyone who attended or participated with Aavistus Festival 2020!

What started as a project of four people, grew into 150 people working towards a mutual goal of advancing the Finnish AV and VJ culture. So many of you have given your time, energy, skills, resources, networks and advice.

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The festival is now over for this year, but for Aavistus, it was just the beginning. The next festival will take place in 2022.

Until then, please let us know how we did by giving us feedback on this form.











FRIDAY 2.10.


SUNDAY 4.10.


AV live performances

WHS Teatteri Union, free admission


IAKDS, Indigo, Taru N Hohtonen, Tove Nowén, Vongoiva


Exhibition of AV installations

Helsinki City Museum, 4th floor, free admission

Jonas Johansson (SE), Kristo Sild & Caspar Sild (EE), Marko Timlin (DE), Janne Ahola, Otso Reitala, Ramina Habibollah & Fredrik Enges, Sini Henttu & Noah Kin & Reetta Nummi, VJ SSuvereeni, AR workshop participants


VJ Panel discussion (in Finnish): Läpivetoja
Helsinki City Museum, free admission


Paneelikeskustelussa tarkastellaan Suomen VJ-kulttuurin nykyhetkeä ja menneisyyttä ja kuvitellaan tulevaa. Mikä on vaikuttanut Suomen VJ-kulttuurin syntyyn ja kehittymiseen ja millaisiksi VJ:den työelämäpolut ovat muotoutuneet? Paneelin moderaattorina on BeigeHarmaa-nimisestä VJ-kollektiivista tuttu Antti Hietaniemi.


Panelisteina: Artturi Elovirta (Jokojo Visuals), Claes Olsson /Nordic Film Pool, Jugi Kaartinen (Katastro.fi), Maria Candia (Taru N Hohtonen), Paula Lehtonen (VJ Vixen), Sannimari Honkanen (TÄ9Q)



Aavistus Festival main event

Valkoinen Sali, 20 €



Projection mapping
Courtyard of Helsinki City Museum & Valkoinen Sali, free admission

Bloomin Visuals, Jokojo Visuals



Exhibition of AV installations

Helsinki City Museum, 4th floor, free admission

Jonas Johansson (SE), Kristo Sild & Caspar Sild (EE), Marko Timlin (DE), Janne Ahola, Otso Reitala, Ramina Habibollah & Fredrik Enges, Sini Henttu & Noah Kin & Reetta Nummi, VJ SSuvereeni, AR workshop participants

Installation artist talk
Helsinki City Museum, free admission

The artists are presenting their artistic process and their installations. The talks are either in Finnish or English, based on the artist’s preference.

Janne Ahola, Marko Timlin, Otso Reitala, Ramina Habibollah & Fredrik Enges, Sini Henttu ja Reetta Nummi, VJ SSuvereeni.


AV live: O Samuli A , World Canvas, XPLOAV 


VJ: Anni Laser, Closedeyevisuals, Folded Visuals, Freekit, Kangastus, Random Doctors, SELLEKHANKS, Svärmorstunga (SE), TÄ9Q, VJ Johnny Totem, VJ Klaustrofobia, VJ MetaMystik, VJ Äärivälke, XANA 

Audio: Annie West, Desto, Electronic Market: Emma Valtonen & Kristiina Männikkö, Harmiönian Sisäoppilaitos: Eero Johannes, Claws Costeau, Kanttoripoika, Pyloris, Lavender Worm (LIVE), Laura Mrls, RPK, Samuli Kemppi 

Access to installation exhibition between 17.30-00.00.

Host: Ida Karimaa


COVID-19 information

Dear festival guest, 
your safety is important to us and we have made many changes to ensure it. We are organising the festival as well as we can, while following all safety restrictions and recommendations as well as possible.

  • The capacity of both WHS Teatteri Union and Valkoinen Sali are reduced to half and at both venues the festival guests will be sitting down, ensuring a safety distance to others. Since there are only limited seats, it’s recommended to buy tickets beforehand.

  • Most of our international performances and installations have been postponed to Aavistus Festival 2022 or are organised remotely.

  • Artists who live in Finland or have conducted the 14-day quarantine will participate as planned.

  • If you have been recommended quarantine in the past 14 days due to travel or exposure to covid-19 and especially if you show any symptoms of illness, we ask you to stay at home. Even mild symptoms of a flu are a reason to stay at home. Coronavirus causes a respiratory tract infection with symptoms including cough, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, muscle pain, stomach symptoms and headache.

  • There will be a festival stream provided by SAY FM.

  • Guests will need to wash their hands upon arrival and use hand sanitiser as often as possible.

  • Guests will also need to wear a face mask and keep a safe distance to others. We strongly recommend using the Koronavilkku application.

  • Most of festival events are free to enter, only the Main event has a ticket that is also sold beforehand. If you need to cancel due to illness or quarantine, you will have your money back according to Ticted terms.


Aavistus is possible thanks to


Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki City Museum, WHS Teatteri Union, 16bit Productions, ShopperScreen, Omena Hotels, Putte's Bar & Pizza, Nordic Audiovisual Artists, Pixelache & Helsingin Pyöräpaja.

Aavistus Festival is a Helsinki-based festival of audiovisual art, focusing on VJ culture.

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