Nature as Magic

Nature as Magic is a collaborative project creating audiovisual bridges between four organisations in three cities, supported by Finnish-Estonian Cultural Foundation. The collaboration consists of four events including multidisciplinary audiovisual performances. Each platform hosts one event and the other platforms contribute to it by proposing musical or visual acts. 


Audiovisual bridges between four platforms and three cities


AV Bridge 1: Pixelache Festival

Helsinki, 6.–13.6.2021

For the first audiovisual bridge at Pixelache's 2021 Helsinki Festival, Pixelache commissioned a new live audiovisual work Nature as Magic from Merle Karp (Aavistus Festival) and Hendrik Kaljujärv (e‾lektron) and supported the live audio-visual performance Animal Being by Jonna Lehto, Bráulio Bandeira a.k.a. Deepneue, Moa Larsdotter Persson & Sofia Palillo, in the context of 'Nature as Magic' project. 

Both performances were streamed live on Pixelache's and e‾lektron's online platforms. Post-festival curatorial conversations with Amanada McDonald Crowley (Public Art Action, New York) reflected on remote & transdisciplinary and collaborations. 


AV Bridge 2: e‾lektron festival: Loodus kui maagia / Nature as magic 

Tallinn, 27.–28.11.2021

The second audiovisual bridge took place in Tallinn, as e‾lektron invited artists from Helsinki, Tallinn, Viljandi, Tokyo and more for their festival Loodus kui maagia / Nature as magic.


The programme contained new audiovisual acts, such as Estonian kantele musician Marita Lumi performing together with the Finnish audiovisual duo Vongoiva. e‾lektron also invited Aavistus' Merle Karp to further develop the audiovisual live performance Nature as Magic, this time in collaboration with Estonian musician and sound designer Sander Saarmets.

During the festival weekend, the participants could listen to new elektron.signal podcast episodes in real time while they were recorded to be released at a later time.  e‾lektron invited Pixelache's Andrew Paterson to host an episode called Remembering and not remembering together with Laur Kaunissaar.


Saturday's programme culminated with a DJ+VJ jam including performers from both Tallinn and Helsinki: Katja Adrikova / Personal Space (EST, DJ), Anni Laser (FIN, VJ), VJ SSuvereeni (FIN, VJ), Random Doctors (FIN, VJ), Mary Young (FIN, DJ) and more.

AV Bridge 3: Aavistus Festival

Helsinki, 6.–9. October 2022

AV Bridge 4: Public Art Action

New York, TBA