Aavistus Festival is a biennial of audiovisual art and currently the only festival in Finland to specialise in VJ culture. It is organised by Aavistus Festival ry as a non-profit volunteering project. The core production team consists of Helsinki-based VJs and light designers.


Aavistus Festival team


Festival Director: Merle Karp

Curation, Production Management: Hannu Häkkinen, Suvi Parrilla

Technical Director: Mikko Törrönen

Head of Design: Anni Laser
Graphic design: Aino Laukka, Jacob Söderström, Jassir Kuronen, Laura Rajalin, Pinja Oja, Sanna Nykänen 

Aavistus Festival ry

Aavistus Festival is organised by the non-profit association Aavistus Festival ry. The association's mission is to promote the state of audiovisual art and VJ culture in Finland, provide opportunities for collaboration between different parties in the field and to promote Finland's vibrant VJ scene abroad.

Board of 2022

Merle Karp, chairperson

Hannu Häkkinen, secretary

Mikko Törrönen, treasurer

Suvi Parrilla, vice chairperson

Anni Tolvanen, head of design