AR workshop with Jonas Jonasson

5-day intensive workshop 28.9.–2.10.2020: how to hack spaces with AR visuals. The workshop is for VJs and anyone interested in VJ culture, media art and AR activism. Registration period has now ended and participants will be informed soon.


Learn Mixed Realty production in the browser using A-Frame, AR.js and Javascript, and co-create an Augmented Reality installation mosaic. No prior coding skills required (but recommended). The installations created during the workshop will be presented at Aavistus Festival's exhibition at Helsinki City Museum on 3.-4.10.2020.


The workshop will be held online (Zoom and Discord) with lectures and personal guiding by Jonas Johansson, as well as a final in-person meeting at Helsinki City Museum.

Mon 28.9.
17.00-21.00 Introductory lecture on Zoom

Tue 29.9.
Individual or group work: ideation and concept development

Wed 30.9. 17.00-19.00 
Feedback sessions on Discord: present ideas, get help with code etc

Thu 1.10.
Individual or group work: production

Fri 2.10. 16.30-18.30
In-person meeting at Helsinki City Museum: create and print markers and cut into square size.


No prior coding skills required but highly recommended. For the workshop, you are expected to bring a computer and create an account at (an online text editor with HTTPS support, required for accessing the camera on mobile devices). Please use the Chrome browser and have available. Communication will happen on Zoom and Discord, so please ensure you have accounts on these services.


The workshop will fit 20 people and participation is free, but participants will be chosen based on motivation. The application form has now been closed and participants will be informed soon.


Jonas Johansson (SE) is an anywhere based artist-activist transforming light ✺ technology through ❋ play, science and (un)human intervention. He works in the intersection of the real and unreal through audiovisual experiences, biotechnology and graphic art. He is part of the borderless initiative Nordic Audiovisual Artists, and Stockholm based DIY lighting collective Svartljus.